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Topic: Financial

The Value Glass
    Do you know the number one reason patients don’t accept treatment?   Treatment is rejected when a patient’s value glass is not full. Take a quick trip to your local Boat and RV Show and you may see what the value glass is all about. Those who buy may not have teeth or much money, but they’re willing to find a way to invest in a new bass
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Wealth Barriers
  Have you achieved the wealth you desire? Is something blocking your path to success?  Maybe you have set goals and developed plans to achieve those goals, but for some reason you fell short. Unknowingly, one of six common wealth barriers may be blocking your path. Discover the barrier and take action. Climb over, go around, or push through it. Wealth is waiting on the o
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Good Debt - Understanding Debt In A Dental Practice
  Do you have good debt or bad debt in your dental practice? Consider five forms of debt and whether they are good or bad for your practice. We know debt can be destructive. Can it also be good? Ken Runkle evaluates five forms of dental practice debt, revealing whether it is good debt or bad debt. Understanding practice debt and using it wisely will help you protect your pract
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Paragon Management Associates Inc. is celebrating 31 years in helping dental practices to achieve Growth, Profitability and Financial Independence!
The Paragon Program is offering a multitude of new Academies in 2019!
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