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Founded by Ken Runkle in 1986

The Paragon Program™ is one of the largest full-service dental practice management consulting firms in the United States. Our team currently works with more than 400 general and specialist practices to help dentists achieve long-term success. The Paragon Program™ was founded by Ken Runkle, America’s Profitability Expert™, on the principle that you must grow and change as a person and dentist to grow your practice.

Our Mission is simple.

We want to help dentists grow on a personal, professional, and practice level. Our goal is for each client to become a great leader while establishing a legacy practice that operates at peak efficiency. Most importantly, we focus on helping each doctor achieve financial independence.

 Paragon Mission Statement

  • We help our clients increase their practice revenues immediately. After our clients reach their long-term goal we will help them continue to grow by 7% annually.
  • We help our clients attain a net pre-tax income of at least 40% within two to four years of their start date in The Paragon Program™. This involves our long-term guidance of their taking on any additional debt or fixed costs.
  • We help our clients develop a long-term financial strategy within 10 years from their start in The Paragon Program™ for achieving financial independence.
Ken Runkle The Paragon Program™

When Life Gives You Lemons

This year with the arrival of the COVID Shut Down, we set our annual theme aside and went to quarterly themes.


We founded The Paragon Program™ on immovable guiding principles that drive every decision we make and every action we take.



The ability to use the right knowledge in every situation. Moreover, it tends to come from long-term experience. The Paragon team has long-term experience.



The Paragon Program™ is committed to bringing world-class solutions to our clients’ problems. Our team brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to dental practices having served small, medium, and large practices; rural, urban and suburban practices, single doctor and group practices.



Integrity is a core value our entire team lives and works by at The Paragon Program™. We believe it is essential for dentists to deliver what they promise with high professional and ethical standards that creates a win-win for everyone.