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Our clients mean a lot to us.

At The Paragon Program™, our clients’ successes are the reason we do what we do. Below, watch testimonial videos of our real clients to learn how they’ve seen the impact of the program on their practice.

University Dental Associates

Client Since 2013

Dr. Ronald Orr describes The Paragon Program™ gets you excited to grow, by the critical mass of network of successful dentists.

Almoney & Brown Dental

Client Since 2014

Dr. William Almoney shares how his practice has grown 50% over the past four years, from revenue of $1.7 million to $2.6 million.

Dr. Anthony Lordo DDS

Client Since 2013

Dr. Anthony Lordo explains that he began producing $15,000 a month, and now produces $15,000 a day through working with The Paragon Program™.

Center for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Care

Client Since 2004

Dr. Constantin Farah discusses how The Paragon Program™ has tripled his business in 10 years.

Dr. Fred Alger Periodontics & Dental Implants

Client Since 2012

Dr. Fred Alger believes he has built a happier, organized, more involved and motivated team through working with The Paragon Program™.

Darby Dental Smiles

Client Since 2013

Dr. Jessica Kile recommends starting The Paragon Program™ early in your career to get your practice going down the right path.

Green Tree Dental Group

Client Since 2012

Dr. Jody Kear shares how his stress of purchasing a new practice was alleviated thanks to The Paragon Program™ insight.

Jeffrey R. Van Treese, DDS

Client since 2013

Dr. Jeffery Van Treese feels fortunate to attend the clinical seminars with the Dawson Academy through The Paragon Program™.

Client Since 2013

Dr. Patricia Wilson talks about in the last year growing about 34% in production and collections.

Great Lakes Dental

Client Since 2010

Dr. Ronald Beech speaks on his practice growing by 28% and being in the meetings is like hearing 60 pearls in 16 minutes.

Oakwood Dental

Client since 2012

Dr. Michelle Nagy explains how Paragon imparts wisdom, excellence, and integrity.

Priest Dental

Client Since 2017

Dr. Kevin Priest thinks change is uncomfortable, but with The Paragon Program™, change can be done.

Cedar Village Dentistry

Client since 2017

Dr. Thomas Dooley believes that The Paragon Program™ has challenged him to set higher goals and push himself to a higher level than he ever thought achievable.

Airport Road Dental Associates

Client since 1994

Dr. Steven Holm, a client of over 25 years, explains The Paragon Program™ with extensive growth of hygiene, and through breaking down things into the simplest terms.

The Downtown Dentist

Client since 2014

Dr. Julia Rohleder feels that Paragons strength is implementing changes in her practice and how they are able to break down these changes in order to make them feasible for herself and the staff.