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The Paragon Program™ was developed to help dentists just like you.

Annual clinical seminars from some of the nation's top lecturers.

Clinical excellence is a value we take very seriously. While we focus on helping you become profitable and financially independent, we believe that your clinical skills are the foundation of your growth. 

Every year, we invite the nation’s top lecturers and clinicians to speak to our dentists. Past speakers include Dr. David Hornbrook, Dr. Bill Dorfman, Dr. Maurice Salama, Dr. Gerard Chiche, Dr. John Cranham, Dr. Dewitt Wilkerson, Dr. Glen DuPont, Dr. Scott Finlay, Dr. Lenny Hess and others to lecture on leading-edge clinical techniques. 

We’ve discovered that some of the most successful dentists are those who are the most committed to their continuing education.  As with all of our Academies and Events, The Paragon Program™ Clinical Excellence Seminars are open to clients and are included in the program.


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