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Paragon Events are Created Specifically for Dentists.

David Keith
Seth Conley, Paragon Director of Events

Our most successful dental clients attend all of our Paragon Program™ Excelleration Meetings with Ken Runkle, Clinical Excellence, Business Academies, Success Network Events, Conference and Roundtables, and Local Study Clubs. These meetings enable dentists to get away from their offices and view their personal and practice growth from a higher, more strategic level. Clients also network with peers on a local, national and international league.
Our Paragon Program™ meetings are included within the program and open only to our clients, and their team members when applicable. To learn more about our events, simply click below. Contact us at 800-448-2523 or with any questions.

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Cleveland Study Club

Susquehanna Study Club

East Coast Excelleration

The Group Practice Conference

Northwest Ohio Study Club

Ohio Excelleration

Susquehanna Study Club

Paragon Hygiene Academy

Washington D.C. Study Club

Cincinnati Study Club

Year End Review

The $2 Million Producers Roundtable

Columbus Study Club

Plymouth Study Club

Susquehanna Study Club

Paragon Implant Roundtable